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Sold Works - Collectors' Gallery

These painting are examples of original works that are in the homes and businesses of collectors. Several are Commission painted to fit a specific room, or achieve colors that enhance a setting. Commissions are always welcomed. Many Collectors are surprised to learn of the affordability of having an original work of art designed to achieve their vision. Not all of my work is here, but a sampling of sold paintings.

Sedona 1977.jpg

"Sedona" LLL

Sunset Squall - Lindus.jpeg

"Horizon Beach" RC

Forest Pond.png

"Forest Pond"    Collector AJR

Sunrise at the Beach.jpg
Sunrise in Purple.jpg

"Sunrise Sunset" Collector TY


"Electric" Collector RC

"Sunrise at the Beach". Collector AJR

Desert Dusk.jpg

"Desert Dusk Two" Collector MR

Giddy up.jpg

"Giddy Up" Collector TY

Winter Trees.jpg

"Winter Trees". Collector AR

Sedona 2.jpg

"On the Creek" Collector RIL

Tree memories closeup.jpg
Desert Mist.jpg

"Fog Rising" Collector AK

Texas Sage.jpg

"Texas Sage" Collector VC

Mr Quail.jpg

"Mr. Quail" Collector PS


"Making Dust" Collector TY

Shine Two_edited.jpg
Good Boy Roy_edited.jpg

"Heart Dog" Collector TC

"Good Boy Roy" Collector PS

Hey Jack.jpg

"Sir Harold Digger" Collector LRL


"HappyCollector JS

Lindus, L., Mickey's Chair. 10 x 10.jpg

"It's My Chair" aka Mickey

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