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Commissioned Art 

Commissioned art can be the answer to finding that very special piece which is the right size, the right colors and of course the right topic matter. It can also be the perfect way to honor a special fur baby. If you believe that a Commissioned work would best fit your needs, please email me so we may open a conversation, and stay within your budget and still meet your needs. If you have been referred by a gallery or friend please let me know. 

Privacy & Email 

Should you elect to join my email list, you may at any time request that your name be removed.  From time to time, if my artwork is included in an exhibit or showing, you may receive an email from an art league or gallery to which I belong. The sharing of information would be only your email address and would not include your physical address or telephone number (s) or any private information.

Other Inquiries & Payments

In this world of scam artists and worries about Identity Theft, I set a policy that I will accept payment through reputable companies such as PayPal, WIX or SQUARE in order that I do not acquire your credit card information.

Sales tax will be charged for in state (Arizona) purchases. Out of state shipments are exempt (at this time) from sales tax. Shipping estimates through FedEx or UPS are added to the purchase price.


As an artist who wishes to have her work displayed, work sold at a gallery or through the gallery pricing is consistent whether within a gallery or from me directly. Please let me know if you have been referred by a gallery. . Please support our galleries so they may continue to promote art in a retail space.

Payment Methods

Credit / Debit Cards through


and/or other reputable payment processing methods.

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