Desert Impressions

The fourteen original paintings are of the Arizona desert and prairies in all their glorious colors, textures and ever changing skies. These represent some of my available paintings. Many of those that have found homes are shown on the Sold Works page.


"Outside the Walls"  is a bold reminder that above a canyon rim there is beautiful color. When I created this image, I was reaching for an emotion, perhaps that beyond darkness as if inside a canyon wall, there is beauty and light. I hope that this painting will speak to you. It is a 40 x 40 x 2 in splined canvas in acrylic with painted edges. This painting is currently available through and is shown in the gallery's July-August catalog. $4500.

JUST IN: Outside placed 3rd place in the 4th Annual Skies Art Exhibition, sponsored by Fusion Art of Palm Springs, California.  The  dramatic artwork faced competition from around the globe to win this coveted prize. The exhibit is now open and available on the website

You Can Leave Now - Long summers in Arizona, especially those where the annual Monsoons appear to be in hiding, make for the time when we wish for the storms to push the desert heat into a memory. This 20 x 20 gallery wrapped canvas is framed. It may be seen in my Cave Creek studio or purchased online. $1,300

Stormy Path Out It's heading for the high country and out of the canyon, but facing a storm along the way. Brilliant warm colors of the desert create a special warmth that remind us of Fall and maybe even pumpkin spice. Path Out is a framed 20 x 20 on splined canvas that is waiting for a new home in my Cave Creek studio. $1,300

"Two Horizons" reminds me that often there are two horizons, the one in front of us and the one in the future. Light enhances the coming of something new. Horizon is a dramatic 30 x 30 in acrylic/mixed media on canvas that is an award winning work. It is currently on display and for sale online at and may be seen in my studio. $2,575 This look to the future is also an award winner in a contest among Arizona artists, it captured the judosr' heart and won first place.

"Due West" as the sun sets in all its glory creating a brilliant sky that seems to pay tribute to a wonderful day. Due West represents the a special emotion, a release of tension, a kiss goodnight all inspired by a photograph I took from my backyard as the sun dipped into the night.  Acrylic on canvas, 36 x 36 x 2 it may be seen in my studio. $3,700

"Bright Day Ahead" could be calling out  "good morning sunshine." Or perhaps, "it's going to be a scorcher, think about a swim." Either way it is a welcome into the new day and a subtle reminder to make the best of it. A 24 x 24 x 1.5 on gallery wrapped canvas in acrylic imay be see in my studio in Cave Creek. The vibrant acrylic is $1,800

"On Top of the Mesa" with a view of the world and the distant menace, all be it beautiful, is a 16 x 16 acrylic on cradled board. The climb to the top can be treacherous and at a minimum challenging, but the resulting beauty and feel of accomplishment make it worthwhile.  $800  On Top is in my Cave Creek studio.

"Canyon Moon" is a 20 x 20 acrylic on canvas.  "Canyon" is a Finalist in an international abstract competition with a theme of "Red." It is currently on display and for sale online  price at $1,300 at and may be seen in my studio. 

"Summer Squall" is a reminder that summer is that time of year when the skies quickly turn from a calm bright sunny day to a squall. Rough and often thunderous, the clouds build until they have sufficient fury to release the rain. Sunset is often the ideal time for the fury to begin. 16 x 16  SOLD. 

"Wind on Desert Prairie" is a 20 x 20 acrylic impasto with a bold roughness that depicts the red burning desert floor and mesa caught in the heat of the summer sun. This painting is in my Cave Creek studio. $1,300

"Almost Gone" 10 x10   acrylic on canvas. When the light is "just right" the clouds turn rainbow of colors as the storms begin to disperse. Some mornings the skies turn the pink as shown in Almost Gone, but that's another painting. $300

"High Desert Storm" is a 16 x 20 acrylic on cradled board. The storm feels as if it swirls around us as it builds strength and attempts to push the sun from the sky.  It is currently on display and for sale online and may be seen in my studio. $1,000

"Prairie " 12 x 12  acrylic on canvas that is selected for the Top Shelf Invitational Small Works Show is now available online or at the Cave Creek Studio. Please visit the exhibits page for more information. $400

"Feel the Heat"  Whether it is heat from Arizona's blazing summer, the heat of red, or the heat of passion, the feeling creates an emotion. When I began this dynamic painting, I was reaching for a feeling, perhaps that beyond darkness or freedom from the confusion of change, there is beauty and bright light and warmth from heat.  This painting is a 40 x 40 x 2 on canvas in acrylic with the painted edges. This painting is currently available through in my studio or online. $4,500.

More to Come

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