"Dust Storm Brewing" 8 x 8  acrylic  framed gallery wrapped canvas. The sky changes color when the dust storm brews. It is especially beautiful near dusk when hints of color are enhanced by the light.  $225

"Rumblings" x 8  acrylic  framed  gallery wrapped canvas. Giant thunder clouds build and the sounds of the storm fill the air with rumblings. Hence the name of this colorful rumble promising rain. $225

"Dressed in Orange" 8 x 8  acrylic  framed gallery wrapped canvas. It is a west facing view of the sun  drenching a giant cloud with color. Until you've experienced the sunsets, it may seem unreal but it is real and beautiful.$225

"Marching to the Sunset" 12 x 12  acrylic on canvas. Like sentries protecting a castle, the cactus line up in formation heading into the setting sun. It is in my studio and available framed for $400.

"Almost Gone" 10 x10   acrylic on canvas. When the light is "just right" the clouds turn rainbow of colors as the storms begin to disperse. Some mornings the skies turn the pink as shown in Almost Gone, but that's another painting. $350

"Prairie " 12 x 12  acrylic on canvas that is selected for the Top Shelf Invitational Small Works Show. It is peaceful, serene and a snapshot of the prairies's beauty. It is in my studio and available framed for $400.

"Prickly Issue" is a 8 x 8 acrylic of prickly pear cactus set against the setting sun as it peaks through the scraggly desert vegetation. $300.

"Mesquite Bramble" 12 x 12  acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas. The Mesquite is native to Arizona and has the native thorns that can catch you like a blackberry bush. The branches grow every which way. Here it is set with the sun.ItIt is in my studio and available framed for $400.

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