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Linda Lindus Fine Art


"My imagination calls me

to create, to interpret

what I see, and

paint what I feel.

As if in a dream,

I paint beyond

what is real."


artist's statement

The origin of my creativity springs from inspirational surroundings, life experiences and nature's beauty. In traversing the challenges of merging nature with mankindʼs structural intrusions, I attempt to capture their inherent artistic qualities. In addressing those juxtapositions, I interpret what I see through the lens of dream sequences and creating canvases that employ textural layers and bold use of color.

This deep passion for Arizonaʼs diverse landscape, serves as the departure point for much of my art. Although initial inspiration may come from viewing a sunset, cloudy day or rocky surface, I paint from an inward source, interpreting each setting or moment with intense spiritual feeling. The resultant artworks transform into emotional dreamscapes, evoking a mood beyond the scene itself.

In these magical moments, the rugged landscape surrenders to my brush or palette knife, and melts from my emotion filled state. As if in a dream, I paint beyond what is real. 

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