Superstition Rising Sun - To the east of Phoenix's Valley of the Sun is a 160,000 acre range that extends that miles and is the keeper of mysteries and legends. One belief of some Apaches is the hole that leads down to the lower world, or Hell, is located within the mountains. It is said that the winds that blow from the hole are those that cause severe Arizona dust storms. Another intriguing legend surrounds the  Lost Dutchman Gold Mine. It was a "mother-lode" a mine discovered by Jacob Waltz, who revealed its location on his death bed.  While there are claims that some have located the mine, others believe it has never been discovered which still leads to more treasure hunters searching for the legendary mine. The lore and history are said explained with displays in the Superstition Mountain  Museum on the Apache Trail. The hiking of the1939  federally designated wilderness area extends across three Arizona counties, Maricopa, Pinal and Gila. This large painting is 40" x 60" on gallery wrapped canvas offered at $7,500

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