Beneath the Arizona Skies

Another Day Slips Away.jpg

"Another Day Slips Away" There are those days that when the sun slips into the horizon, a person just wants to know "where did the day go."  Then it is a month and a year. Another Day is a setting sun that to me inspired the call to make the best of every day and find joy, which can be a beautiful sunset. Another Day is a 24 x 24 on canvas and is my studio. $1,800


"Clearing Over the Marshlands"  When I seek a place of comfort, I resort to the marshlands, hidden prairies and deep canyons. To me the marshes are a place of rejuvenation similar to the flora and fauna that flourish in the Spring and rest in the Fall. Here is "Clearing Over the Marshland," a 20 x 20 on canvas. It is available in my studio, $1,300.

Sunset Squall - Lindus.jpeg

"Summer Squall" is a reminder that summer is that time of year when the skies quickly turn from a calm bright sunny day to a squall. Rough and often thunderous, the clouds build until they have sufficient fury to release the rain. Sunset is often the ideal time for the fury to begin. 16 x 16  SOLD


"Setting With A Blush" In the distance the wispy cirrus clouds can look as if a feather pillow exploded. Whimsical and floating, embracing the horizon,  the pink cirrus seem to play with distant hills and wrap them in a blanket. The rosy glow gives the marsh lighter  appearance as if it may be waiting for Fall. Setting is a 24 x 24 and is in my studio. $1,800.


"On Top of the Mesa" with a view of the world and the distant menace, all be it beautiful, is a 16 x 16 acrylic on cradled board. The climb to the top can be treacherous and at a minimum challenging, but the resulting beauty and feel of accomplishment make it worthwhile.  $800  On Top is in available.


"Flyway" Hidden in Arizona, along the Little Colorado River is a treasure - the flyway where migratory birds stop to rest as they continue their journey south or north. The flyway extends across much of eastern Arizona up into the mountain lake, Big Lake. This framed acrylic on canvas is 16 x 16 and is a reminder of the hidden beauty of the flyway and the hidden image in the marsh waters. It is available in my studio. $800'

LLindus Canyon.jpeg

"Canyon Moon" is a 20 x 20 acrylic on canvas. Canyons represent mystery, especially those which were once inhabited by the ancients. This painting was inspired to capture some of the mystery of history assumed, myths and secrets untold and never recorded. "Canyon" is a Finalist in an international abstract competition with a theme of "Red." It is currently on display and for sale in my studio. $1,300 

On the Nutrioso Marsh .jpg
Desert Prairie.jpg

"Wind on Desert Prairie" is a 20 x 20 with a bold roughness that depicts the red burning desert floor and mesa caught in the heat of the summer sun. When the heat rises from the desert floor and is captured by the wind, your skin and the air feels as if the sky has broken into pieces. The clouds become wild and are dotted by sand. This painting is in my studio. $1,300

Lindus, L,  Almost Gone, Acrylic, 10 x 1

"Almost Gone" 10 x10   acrylic on canvas. When the light is "just right" the clouds turn rainbow of colors as the storms begin to disperse. Some mornings the skies turn the pink as shown in Almost Gone, but that's another painting. $400

"Winter on the Nutrioso Wetlands" 20 x16   acrylic on canvas. The winter storms fall in from the mountains surrounding the waterways near Nutrioso in the high country of Arizona. The clouds lift and fall as if a decision is difficult, should it be rain or snow. $1,000