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About the Artist

“My perception of landscape was challenged and I was awakened to the point of inspiration.”

When Linda first arrived in Arizona in the 1970ʼs, it was love at first sight - red rocks, texture and rough edges all around. The visual scenery of the Southwest was an immense change from the days of her youth, which began in the Pacific Northwest, later to the East Coast, and finally, the rocky shores of upper New England.


She had been painting since a young child, and yet the landscapes she discovered in Arizona became a dream for the artist. Her perception of landscape was challenged, and she was awakened to the point of inspiration. The artist tried her hand at it right away. Eager to learn more, Linda continued her art education taking numerous workshops, individual classes and also opened an art gift shop. Later, the community college recruited her to teach oil painting.

As a business major, eventually corporate life became her full time focus. Recently she has reignited her art career with great enthusiasm and is, again, a full time artist. Art movements that have impressed her work over the years include Abstract Expressionism, Impressionism, and Surrealism. Artists who have informed her work come from a broad cross section of artists such as Modigliani, Georgia OʼKeefe, and Eric Mack, to name but a few. Her most recent works have been selected for inclusion in exhibits in the Phoenix area and have been shown at the Shemer Center for the Arts and Museum, the Gallery at El Pedregal and Artists in Arizona.


Linda continues to express her perceptions of the Southwest landscape and the details it unveils, with each canvas evoking dream-like qualities that awaken us all to the magic that is uniquely Arizona.





Exhibit List


Dec 6-9 - “Winter," Sonoran Arts League

2020 - Art Alliance, Holland Center of Fine Art

March - The Gallery at El Pedregal

2020 October - “Unnamed” Shemer Art Center and Museum


October - January 2020 - “Group Show” - The Gallery at El Pedregal, Scottsdale, Arizona

November 2019 - January 1, 2020 - "Collected Treasures,” Shemer Art Center and Museum, Scottsdale, Arizona

Sept 1 - Dec 31 - “Impressions of Arizona,” Artists in Arizona


Shemer Art Center and Museum, Scottsdale, Arizona - “Mini-Masterpieces” Jan.-Feb. 2019

Holland Center of Fine Art, Carefree, Arizona- Spring Show 2019

Desert Foothills Library, Cave Creek, Arizona - "Public Art Contemporary Exhibit" - Mar.-Apr. 2019

The Gallery at El Pedregal, Scottsdale, Arizona - “Group Show” Feb. - Jun. 2019

Holland Center of Fine Art, Carefree, Arizona - “Make Me Smile”  Mar. - Apr. 2019

Sonoran Art League, Cave Creek, Arizona “Summer Break” Jun. 2019

The Galley at El Pedregal, Scottsdale, Arizona - “Group Show” - Jul - Oct. 2019