These paintings are available and are currently being shown at The Gallery at el Pedregal. To purchase please click this link:


"Escaping Darkness" Painted during the onset of COVID-19, as a reminder to the strength that Americans exhibit, Escaping Darkness is an imaginary visual of the light rising from the darkness. The 20 x 20 acrylic on cradled board uses strong blacks, and shaded gray as a contrast to the white escaping from behind it. This painting is in the my Cave Creek, Arizona studio and is also available online.

Inspired by the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, this acrylic on canvas is 30 x 48.  It is currently on display and for sale through the The Gallery at el Pedregal within the Boulders complex in north Scottsdale, Arizona. The bright sun reflecting against the  containers waiting for unloading and the Vincent Thomas Bridge are represented in this large, bold painting. For more information contact the Gallery at www.sonoranartsleague.org and select Gallery menu and online store.  "Port of Los Angeles" (framed 33 x 51) $3,000

 Just as the 405 that winds through Los Angeles and Orange County has stop and go and bumps along the road, so does life. The commuters are looking for that golden pathway that will take them home. How many people search for a golden road to happiness?

This large 30 x 48 has the textures that one might call bumps, and the golden roadway in the enter. Bold and dramatic Life's 405 creates a focal point wherever it is displayed whether vertically or horizontally. It is also currently in the Gallery at El Pedregal.  Unframed gallery wrapped $2,000


As seasons change they bring new life to our surroundings. Blooms and a brighter sky were the backdrop for this 24 x 24 acrylic on canvas (framed 25.5. x 25.5) which is called Spring and is for sale at the Gallery at el Pedregal. Unframed $900. https://store.sonoranartsleague.org/collections/the-gallery-at-el-pedregal

Rain in the City is a 24 x 36  acrylic on canvas. I saw the rain and its beauty as it splashed on the pavement and created reflections. Imagine the rain -  captured as falling shimmer against the tall building and reflecting from the street. Rain is at the Gallery at el Pedregal. Gallery wrapped unframed $1,400 https://store.sonoranartsleague.org/collections/the-gallery-at-el-pedregal

Night Falls is a 24 x 36 acrylic that the artist saw as the dripping change in color as the night enveloped the day and turned the sunset into darkness.

Seagull Beach View is a 24 x 24 mixed-media  using acrylic and moulding paste, glosses and small wooden objects all on canvas. The sun bathers and surfers are tiny raised stick figures that are catching the sun and waves. This painting is awaiting delivery (post quarantine) to its new waterfront home. SOLD. JUST IN: Beach View is a Finalist in an Internal Fire Art Competition that is themed "Blue." The collector will be thrilled.

Surfs Up is a 10 x 10 of the waves splashing against a vacation beach.  This painting has been selected for the Top Shelf Small Works show. Please visit the Exhibits Page for more information.

These two paintings are the PART of a series that I CALL the celebration of summer. SURF UP IS STILL available in my studio or online.

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