Like many artists, I sometimes find that I need to experiment, or to loosen up. The following Abstracts are among those which  were created in moments (sometimes days, or weeks) when the need to experiment bubbled up.  It is also a passion to create Abstracts that that speak to the viewer in a manner which they may create their own story from the setting that I envisioned.

Canyon Symphony.jpg

Canyon Symphony is a 20 x 24 on gallery wrapped canvas and it is framed. Many days when we look at the canyons and mesas it appears that they are singing to us. When I created this painting I chose colors of happiness and joy, vibrant and full of life.This painting is currently in my studio. It is priced at $975

Freedom Rising.jpg

Freedom Rising is a tribute to the people of the world who wish for freedom and challenge those who may oppress it. This small work is 12 x 12 on a gallery wrapped canvas and framed (now 14 x 14)  is exhibited at the Sonoran Arts League's Center for the Arts. $275.

Moonlight in the Canyon.jpg

Moonlight Creates the Shadows is a representational work that captures the  various and unique lighting patterns that a full moon creates on canyon walls.  This small work is 12 x 12 on a gallery wrapped canvas and framed (now 14 x 14) is exhibited at the Sonoran Arts League's Center for the Arts. $275.

Port of Los Angeles_edited.jpg

Solar Power was inspired by the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, this acrylic on canvas is 36 x 48.   The bright sun reflecting against the  containers waiting for unloading and the Vincent Thomas Bridge are represented in this large, bold painting (framed 50 x 38 x 2.25)  $4,900. It is currently exhibit in the Cave Creek Library on School House Road with a portion of the sale going to the library.

Life's 405.jpg
When the Sun Rises.jpg

Sunrise I love the new beginning that we experience each day, and make the most of it. This small work is 12 x 12 on a gallery wrapped canvas and framed (now 14 x 14)  is exhibited at the Sonoran Arts League's Center for the Arts. $275.

Hiding in the Weeds.jpg

Hiding in the Weeds represents all the mysteries that hide in the weeds whether it is the solution to problem, or a mysterious creature (a frog) if we look deeper we will find the answer. The painting  is 20 x 16 on a gallery wrapped canvas and framed (now 22 x 18) is in my studio. $675

Escaping Darkness.jpg

"Escaping Darkness" Painted during COVID-19, as a reminder to the strength that Americans exhibit, Escaping Darkness is an imaginary visual of the light rising from the darkness. The 20 x 20 acrylic on cradled board uses strong blacks, and shaded gray as a contrast to the white escaping from behind it.  It is $1,150. It is unframed.


An international award winning painting in the Botanicals category, New Blooms. Change brings new life to our surroundings. This 30 x 30 acrylic on canvas (framed )  SOLD

 Life's Road - Just as the 405 that winds through Los Angeles and Orange County has stop and go and bumps along the road, so does life. The commuters are looking for that golden pathway that will take them home. How many people search for a golden road to happiness?

This large 48 x 36 has the textures that one might call bumps, and the golden roadway in the center. Bold and dramatic Life's Road creates a focal point wherever it is displayed whether vertically or horizontally.   Unframed gallery wrapped $4900


Night Falls is a 24 x 36 acrylic that the I saw as the dripping change in color as the night enveloped the day and turned the sunset into darkness. $1,950 framed and on display in my studio.

Raining in the City.jpg

Let it Rain is a 24 x 36  acrylic on canvas.  Imagine the rain -  captured as falling shimmer against the tall building and reflecting from the street.. Gallery wrapped unframed $1950 

Surfs Up.jpg

Surfs Up is a 10 x 10   This painting selected for the Top Shelf Small Works show and is sold. 

Seagulls' Beachy View.jpg

Beach View is a 24 x 24 mixed-media  using acrylic and moulding paste, glosses and small wooden objects all on canvas. SOLD JUST IN: Beach View is a Finalist in an Internal Fire Art Competition that is themed "Blue." The collector will be thrilled.