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Forest Pond.png
Loren wih Work In progress.JPG

"Forest Pond" Hiking along the backcountry in the mountains of Arizona, one can stumble across areas where the color is vibrant and green, unusual in Arizona even in the high country. The varied greens set against the more unusual browns and sienna is a jolt to your mind and begs to be painted. Here the collector is standing next to his next painting, a blustery day fishing on an Arizona lake, Big Lake, near the White Mountain Apache Reservation.  "Forest Pond" is a 36 x 36 acrylic on canvas.  "Fishing Trip" is 20 x 16. 

John Gates and Summer Squall.jpg

"Summer Squall" Captured the heart of watercolor artist John Gates. Summer Squall is a reminder that summer is that time of year when the skies quickly turn from a calm bright sunny day to a squall. Rough and often thunderous, the clouds build until they have sufficient fury to release the rain. Sunset is often the ideal time for the fury to begin. 16 x 16 

Due West Installed.jpg
East Fence Line.jpg

"East Fence Line"  Much of the area north and east of Flagstaff is prairie where third and fourth generation Arizonans raise cattle. Here is the east fence line on a summer day when the Monsoons are in the makings.  The 18 x 6 on canvas reminded an agriculture executive of the farmlands and prairies. Fence Line is making its way to Illinois where it will  grace, fittingly, a farmhouse.  

"Due West"  As the sun set in all its bold glory, the brilliant sky it creates seem to pay tribute to each wonderful day. This particular sunset is from photos taken from my backyard, which faces due west . To me it is special because it is where I can see the sun set each day. I do believe this sunset  represents a loving emotion, a kiss goodnight as the sun drops off the horizon's edge. The 36 x 36 x 2 is staying in Arizona.

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Sedona 1977.jpg
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