"Flyway" Hidden in Arizona, along the Little Colorado River is a treasure - the flyway where migratory birds stop to rest as they continue their journey south or north. The flyway extends across much of eastern Arizona up into the mountain lake, Big Lake. This framed acrylic on canvas is 16 x 16 and pays tribute to the hidden beauty of the flyway and the hidden image in the March waters. It is available in my studio or online. $750

"Almost a Spring Thaw"  In the mountain range along Arizona's Mogollon Rim snow is a common occurrence.  While many people imagine Arizona as a vast desert wasteland, in reality the state offers a variety of landscapes that complement its elevations ranging from sea level to 10,000 feet.  Here is Almost a Spring Thaw, an acrylic 16 x 16 on canvas.  It is available (unframed) in my studio or online. $600

"Pinnacle Peak Monsoon" - In north Scottsdale west of Tom Thumb and south of the McDowell Preserve, is Pinnacle Peak park. The peak can be seen for miles and legend has it that the ancient ones held it sacred.  When the summer Monsoons arrive, the peak takes on a special vibrance as if it is challenging the weather Gods to disrupt is rugged beauty. The painting is 20 x 24 acrylic on canvas and is available in my studio or online. $1,000

"Nutrioso"  In the White Mountains of north central Arizona, not far from the New Mexico border, is a small community called Nutrioso. Just north of town is the Nelson Reservoir. In addition to fishing the high country reservoir is a popular stop for ducks and geese. This acrylic painting is 16 x 20 on cradled board.  It is available in my studio or online. Framed $800.

"East Fence Line"  Much of the area north and east of Flagstaff is prairie where third and fourth generation Arizonans raise cattle. Here is the east fence line on a summer day when the Monsoons are in the makings. This painting is 6 x 18 on canvas.  (framed 7.5 x 19.5)  It is being shown for sale at The Gallery at el Pedregal. 

"Where Eagles Fly" is a mixed media on canvas 16 x 20. This painting is of one of the magnificent monuments in Monuments Valley. The textures contrast to the ease and gentleness with which the Bald Eagles fly. Unframed $700 gallery wrapped canvas.

"Two Trees against the Setting Sun" Once grand trees that have fallen to the ravages of time add contrast to the summer's setting sun. Like much of Arizona summer, the Monsoon's cloudy remainders create a colorful show as the sun drops into the western horizon. This painting is acrylic and is 24 x 20  on canvas. It is available at my studio on online. $1,000

"Prickly Issue" is a 8 x 8 acrylic of prickly pear cactus set against the setting sun as it peaks through the scraggly desert vegetation.

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